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To gain an overview of the diverse product spectrum of the precious metal market, a lot of time and patience is required. Our broad network of specialists and experts makes it possible to reduce these factors to a minimum. We are a reliable and competent contact to advise you on your investment project in the best possible way at the highest level - of course optimally and perfectly adapted to your life situation. Our partners are verified and certified dealers, who are well-versed in the gold and precious metals trade by their years of experience and the necessary stock in trade.

The advantage of a placement purchase is that you can enjoy the best all-round care with constant availability. Benefit from the extensive know-how of our partners in Germany and Switzerland as well as from our product and service range - before, during and after your purchase.

Trust is the most important building block for us to set up a perfect relationship between ourselves, our partners and our customers. It is thus possible to create first-class and future-orientated solutions for the financial security of each individual.





Children are our future - it's in our interest to provide our youngest the necessary financial freedom, so that a healthy growth and a personal development is possible right from the start.

You can look forward to the future with our all-round fair gold accounts. This type of prevention has been developed especially for our offspring. A high predictable expenditure, such as a driver's license, education or the excerpt from parents house. This can easily realized without jeopardizing the financial security from our children.

An investment of physical value, such as gold, can actively counteract the daily waning purchasing power of currencies. As a result, our Childrens Gold Account is one of the safest ways to make a lasting commitment to the future of our children.

The account can be opened and runned by any adult person to support a child. The flexible tarif allows even relatives and acquaintances the deposit of amounts, starting from 25.00 €, on the gold account. Deposits can be made any time either by a standing order or by a one-off payment on certain occasions, such as a birthday- or christmas-present. In addition, you are not contractually obliged to make regular deposits, but in the long term and regularity you can benefit from the cost-averaging effect - you decide when and how much you want to save for your child.

One way to save offers, for example, the child benefit, which is paid monthly by the state for each child. This can be invested with us in the form of gold and thereby form a long-term and secure investment.

The investment form can be closed until the age of 17. A continuation after the age of 18 is possible without any restrictions.

Advantages of the CHILDRENS GOLD ACCOUNT at one glance

  • fair
  • inflation-proof and stable in value
  • profitable through bonus gold
  • flexible payment method

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