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The human basic need of security relates, among other things, to the financial indepence of any person – this can be achieved by strategic planning and effective measures. Saved capital can be exposed to unpredictable currency fluctuations and quickly depreciate its value. As a matter of fact, huge varieties of alternative forms of investments are released to the market.

A review of historical events proves that gold has always demonstrated its value stability and anonymity. The gold market is thriving, and it has never been easier to acquire gold or related products and services. However, a large selection requires equally competent advice as well as comprehensive breach knowledge. Our Europe-wide network, consisting of competent specialists and independent experts, allows you an anonymous and uncomplicated access to the gold and precious metals market.

You have saved a fortune and wish that it is stable in value and safe from inflationary events?

Classic investment models are becoming less and less attractive, as they cannot offer the same security and durability as investing in precious metals. Gold as an investment also has the advantage of being recognized as a currency for 3000 years and is subject to constant value development. For you as a customer, this type of long-term investment means minimal risk with a comparatively high and constant capital yield.

Our products and services provide the necessary transparency to jointly prepare for the future on a trustworthy foundation.

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Investment requires extensive and competent planning in order to lay the foundation for a secure investment opportunity. We at RHINO Sales Consultancy believe that the best business relationships emerge from a trustworthy collaboration between our company, our sales partners and our clients. If this relationship is completed by many years of experience in the field of precious metal trading and industry-specific know-how, nothing stands in the way of a successful future.

We are specialized in the Europe-wide distribution of value-stable forms of gold investment. Together with our prestigious partners in Germany and Switzerland - including one of the largest gold refineries in Europe - we offer end customers and distribution partners future-orientated access to the precious metal market.

Join our network as an independent business partner and you will not only gain lucrative career opportunities, but you will also become part of an innovative business model.

Success is measurable - Our concept promises you - whether as a customer or future sales partner - the constant security of your entrusted investments, as well as maximum profit of your capital invested with minimum risk.

Investment is a matter of trust

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Gold serves as an international currency in the form of investment gold, such as gold coins and bullion, and is stored by many of the world's central banks as a currency reserve. In times of crisis, such as inflation or economic crises, gold is seen as a stable investment that can experience value appreciation relative to other investments.

The intrinsic value of gold is determined by its relative rarity and the average amount of work done in its production. Therefore, gold has no default risk like other paper money investments, where the interest rate depends on the perceived risk of default of market participants.

We help you with the right strategy to maximize your investment in long term.

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